Warehouse Deals Used Like New 3D Printer Filament

MaterialColorBrandDiameterSpecialityWeightPrice*Price per Weight*
PLABlackExtrudr2.85 mm1100 g15.52 EUR14.11 EUR/kg
PLAOrangeExtrudr1.75 mm1100 g22.33 EUR20.30 EUR/kg
ABSNaturalInnofil3D2.85 mm750 g15.67 EUR20.89 EUR/kg
PLANeon GreenXYZprinting1.75 mmGlow in the Dark600 g21.15 EUR35.25 EUR/kg
PLAPearl WhiteInnofil3D1.75 mm750 g26.92 EUR35.89 EUR/kg
PLAGlowcolorFabb2.85 mmGlow in the Dark750 g27.61 EUR36.81 EUR/kg
PLABlackXYZprinting1.75 mm600 g26.27 EUR43.78 EUR/kg